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SIGNATURE VIDEO Portrait Box 14x11

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SIGNATURE VIDEO Portrait Box 14x11
SIGNATURE VIDEO Portrait Box 14x11
SIGNATURE VIDEO Portrait Box 14x11 SIGNATURE VIDEO Portrait Box 14x11 SIGNATURE VIDEO Portrait Box 14x11 SIGNATURE VIDEO Portrait Box 14x11 SIGNATURE VIDEO Portrait Box 14x11 SIGNATURE VIDEO Portrait Box 14x11 SIGNATURE VIDEO Portrait Box 14x11

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*Only Available in High Gloss White* (No window)

How could we make our world-class Signature Folio Box even better? By adding a 10inch HD screen!

Unlike anything you have seen on the market, this box will allow your clients to re-live their experience each time the box is opened. Imagine the expression on your clients face when they open this folio box to see their own video playing - absolutely PRICELESS!

What does it say for your brand?
Your clients will be able to showcase your stunning images and featured video to their family, friends and colleagues within this folio box, leaving them breathless.

Made from a solid timber construction that has been sanded, painted and finished in Gloss White for the ultimate smooth exterior. To prevent this sturdy box from scratching surfaces, the base is lined with felt.

The interior of the folio box is also lined with a black plush felt, which provides contrast to the chrome hinges. A featured lift-out ribbon is used to assist with the removal of up to 25 of our professional mounts.
The ultimate feature of this box is the 10inch HD touch screen with 16Gb internal storage and two built-in speakers for full audio sound.
Videos such as your behind the scenes film, slideshows or Aminoto production can be easily uploaded via a discrete port (mini USB) on the rear of the box. The videos play automatically once the lid is opened and shutoff when the lid is closed. The uploaded videos will continuously loop.
Battery life is approx. 2-3 hours of playback time. File types supported include: MP4 & AVI.

Deep enough to hold up to 25 Image Art Mounts to suit either of the following print sizes:
9x6 / 10x5 / 10x7 / 10x8 / 11x8 / 12x8 / A4

Only require 10, 15 or 20 mounts? Not to worry!
GIP have manufactured a range of felt box inserts to enable the top Image Art Mount to be raised, so the box appears full which provides for a more powerful impact to your client.

These Foam Inserts are available in the following options:

  • Plain insert (will reduce the box capacity by 5 or 10 mounts)
  • One or two Signature Easels insert (will reduce the box capacity by 10 mounts)
  • A USB flashdrive insert - The opening recess for the USB drive is L 75mm x W 45mm x H 12mm (will reduce the box capacity by 5 mounts)
  • One, two or three Acrylic Mount Holder insert (will reduce the box capacity by 10 mounts)

If you are looking to include the Premium Stay Flat Mats in your portrait box, the table below shows the mat capacity.
(Premium Stay Flat Mats need to be ordered seperately)

Click the link below to download the Logo Setup Template for this product

Signature VIDEO Box

1. Open the product PSD file template in Photoshop.

2. Please IGNORE any missing font or other warnings when opening the file. 

3. DO NOT resize or scale the Photoshop template.

4. Place, size and position your logo within the safe zone on the top layer, the logo must have a transparent background. 

5. IMPORTANT: DELETE the base product layer prior to saving. (Must be deleted, do not hide layer)

6. Save As by adding your name to the front of the file name.

7. Attach your newly saved PSD template file on the product order page.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us:

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